Friday, August 10, 2012


I took a tiny bit of space, and hid your gesture there.
Then said it was hidden, and I came prepared.
I was swept over, and landed, unknowingly.
Objects grew out of proportion, out of sight and sound.

Fun meant peace, until it lasted.
Absorbed in delicate levity.

They came back to rejoice, Reality persisted.
I shrugged, growing out of conformity.
I looked through the gaps, and saw uniform deprivation.
As she headed like a dot, before the horizon.

And she was back, before she left.
Presenting amiability.

With bait in my hand, I held myself tight.
Watching its existence negate and reform.
It was time for me to revolt, I stood up in defiance.
Prepared to quell the clamor, rather run unconsumed.

Nothing took action, the vigor subsided.
I shuffled back and forth, so did the gamble around me.
The bustle grew within, I kneeled in preparation.
To see it all, reflecting.

*This poem is a part of the compilation ‘Filth’*

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Lased with ribbons, I feel what’s needed.
Staring through windows, I’ve planted a new seed.
Little bits and pieces, foraged, possessed.
Textures felt in essence, this I could be.

I am what I have.
I am what I own.
I am what I need.
I still need to be.

It’s brawl time.
Show me what you’ve got.
It’s an endless confrontation.
Our mere existence is at war.

Clusters of us have piled up.
I’m exhausted.
The guise is lost, you got me.
I stand there by myself, disheartened.

I’m a giant that fills up this dearth.
I’m a reflection, a shadow that follows.
You cannot deny me, I consume you.
Yet you folks say otherwise.

I run a puppet show, I barter all the fun.
I fill empty spaces in your time, you find me worthwhile.
This experience is more human, good enough to please.
I can’t have an opinion, just don’t pull those strings.

You find me, incomplete.
I flounder, try and make something out of me.
What I find, I will lose again.
You’re stuck somewhere there, yet you comfort.
We fumble together, as one.
You know we’re broken, just not how free we are.

*This poem is a part of the compilation 'Filth'*