Monday, November 7, 2011

Ugly babies.

With clean hands we make dirty faces,
Projected radiance, it’s all for you to devour.
You consider, maybe not.
I’m dubious and disturbed.

I want to crush all that primal you’re being.
Oh, but I’d love to see you in the picture.
It’s a beautiful monstrosity.
Oh, please. Don’t be.

If I knew, you would never be the same.
If I knew it all, I would never grow again.

Incandescent light on soft cushions to spare,
Spicy meat on the dinner table.
The smart ones made it big, now they rejoice.
Too bad they didn’t do it right.

I've worn extravagantly,
They tell me beauty can’t deny.
We all glow; we’re a chirpy folk,
It’s a shiny bubble, but I’d like to break loose.

If I knew it then, you might never understand.
If I knew it all, you would see me everywhere.

I need a bigger uniform, need to cover up who I am.
You need me to be, I’m your beauty.
You are at peace, for me.
It’s pretty lambent, but at least you tried.
Slowly you will permeate, and bask in your love for life.

They are about to eat me raw, your kind.
One day, I’ll solder myself and soothe a few of your prime.
You won’t get tired of dolls, but you’ll start playing in the dark,
What if our little games took a step outside the line?

Will you stop dancing and pull me over to stare,
At a face that draws you closer to the boy who was there,
That was Halloween; you gave him some candy and a smile,
Now you’re his beauty, he really had to try.

Vengeance was naturally planted,
She soaks it in, she loves it.
No more minds of opinion, they were together.
How true, they could love it forever.

Now you know, now you know.
Utopian this was, now it’s You.
If you knew it then, you would never be.
If you knew it all, you would never see.

*This poem is a part of the compilation 'Filth'*


Let us dig our palms into this dirt,
Let us observe and be,
The filth that we all shrug of our shoulders,
In a mirror full of pleasantries.

It is time for us to dance in this mud,
Time for us to rejoice,
Let the filth molds us into who we were,
Find fragments of our broken voice.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Facing the effeminate, I stand, descrying the taunting nature of the blue,
Yearning to pour myself into the very wave, and reveal the purest my stride can get to.
Floating in its own, in unadorned grandeur, it presented a spiral,
A reflection of a friend, a lesson you’ll learn forever.

A symbol for solution.
A spirit that you can fall back upon.

A vision of everything in entirety.
Maybe you’ll see and laugh, protective you are.

Now the waters seem deep, soon it won’t suffice.
Because the depths of the ocean always lie beyond the tides.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


When radiance is sketched in reverse,
Pure lambency persists for you to immerse,
Put in dispute for my eyes to share,
A quick pinch checks if you’re really there.

Luster in doses is the key,
As a brown shade comes to life,
As the simplest coiffure nestles like a queen,
Resonating a hum into the night.

You beg your mind for some imagination,
That can sketch that perfection in your head,
Tender glimpses of delight catch your fascination,
Like blue orchids on that solacing bed.

It’s better left untouched.
Exquisite, vibrant and pacifying,
Knowing that somewhere you walk a common trail,
As you watch this flower bloom :).

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Down south, it’s Your private creek,
You break in for that soul to seek.
Trees and ashes speak of ravens,
And You’re the one who’s not mistaken.

Initialize ! Re- Agonize !
Let the heartbeat set deep in your eyes.
Blank as space, purple deep,
You are the one for You to keep.
No agenda, No propaganda and You’re still burning up the town,
Right in places with broken phases You see yourself wear that crown.
You make sense out of procrastination,
Years of failure and damnation.
Your senses fall, You’re one and all,
Forces seem like a two way maul.

Grabbing your motives in a wrapped up pretention,
You make your move, You run for attention.
You lose that tension, Your self holds will,
It drops the lactic, You dive for the thrill.
Plastic seems anonymous, beauty is set aside.
Plastic seems hypnotized and drawn into the serene void.
No confusion !  Altruism isn’t a game !
It’s a part of You.  It’s all the same.
Don’t weigh it damn it! I’m running with pride.
See ! This conscious is set aside.

You’ve made it to the brim, beside the creek.
Not a drop of ink for Your pores to seep.
You stand gazing at Your favorite blue moon,
Knowing the purple You’ll be a part of soon.

You put life aside, You take the plunge to hide.
You broke the reflection, You’ve perfected those eyes.

Ssh, don’t weep. Ssh, don’t weep.
It’s time to smile J