Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When Your mind says it's showtime.

Who needs to quench human thirst? I just need the water dripping down my jaw line.
Who needs warmth in the winter? I just tuck into the brown shades of candlelight.
Who needs importance, small talk, popularity and pride?
Have you ever felt the trip?

The Blue overcomes You, The white resurfaces you, and the mind overwhelms you.
You’re not reckless, you don’t own control.
You make no sound, there’s nothing you show.
You enjoy the quiet, but the symphony abounds.
The distinct vision is what astounds.

You’re no longer a thought, no longer a game.
For once, you realize you’re all the same.
Same old, same new, you feel.
Soaked in endless Love, you know.

As you drown in my remedy,
Live in my reality,
Close down on my certainty,
I hope you enjoy the trip

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